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Marketing Strategy

We will talk to someone about your business that you are involved in marketing each time. Conversation about your company to promote your business, it is an opportunity for increasing sales.

Marketing strategy, will help you to focus. It will concentrate on the ones that identify the various ways that you can talk to your customers, most sales are created.

It is for you to say it, who is the way to say it in order to make more sales, instructs you what to say. When you say it because the timing is important, it too, will tell you.

Marketing Strategy: goal
Purpose of your marketing you get, we will focus on how to increase sales by maintaining a customer.

In order to explain how to do this, experts in order to charge for them how much the best, how to take them to the market, we are talking about how to package your products and services.

Marketing strategy, you have to adjust your message, together with an effective marketing plan effectively so as to provide your sales and marketing activities, help to put the appropriate combination of marketing techniques in place You.

Marketing strategy: know your customers
Successful marketing strategy, your customers what they need, understand, will depend How to will be able to convince them to buy from you.

There is nothing that is better than knowledge. Experience and regular two-way communication, will tell you many things about your customer. However, market research of interest, will build a more detailed picture of customer segments with similar needs. Because it you do not waste time with people are not interested in your offer, it will help you understand how to make these people to target.

Where do your customers find out about your offer, for example - but, you also, I think there is a need to understand what your market is how to work? Your strategy, you must tell me how to measure in the face of the trend of new ones and competition you would expect in your market.

Marketing Strategy: we will make a plan
Marketing plan is I'll explain how to put your strategy into action. As if it Dakar through the ad, going to the network, to replace the show, direct marketing, and - but it sets the marketing budget and deadline, it is also, how I'm going to talk to your target customer It will tell.

The important thing, it is in time, I will tell you how to talk to your customers. To suit their buying cycle, the timing of your activities is to save money, sales and maximize.

Finally, plan your marketing will need to look to the future. It allows you to sell, you will need to outline the follow-up way of doing in order to develop your offer.

1.Allies and partners.
Marketing partnership has a number of advantages to push the marketing campaign. For starters when you collaborate with other people, you tend to deliver better content. On top of that, partnership marketing, look at the rapid success than created, it is inexpensive to expose your brand to a new audience.

For example, before eBay is acquisition, the stock, Internet access, and to change that the other prize, in exchange was working the town of Halfway, Oregon . Tactics, got a lot of attention because of the textbook rental company. There was another example the music of records entitled Converse when it partnered with Guitar Center rubber track.  Content, has been used to create a series of  You Tube video that focuses on the musicians.

2. Hug user has generated the content.
839 According to a survey of Millennials, they This represents 30% of the media time of the whole of them, in, only (print, radio, and the combined TV, has been comparable by all kinds of traditional media . You spend 5.4 hours 33%).  The content that is created by their fellow in the survey,  Millennials, UGC is, compared to other media, more than 20% of the impact of the purchase decision It is reported that it is.

You arethe customer personal story international breast cancer action campaign of Estee Lauder, that shared opinion exchange Sales forces Idea office, by giving them the tools to make your advertising, of Instagram The Nissan Versa Vid campaign covalently above it is possible to accomplish this, via Vine) or bodily fluids (Doritos roulette bags).

3. Collaboration with influencers.
Won a new audience, another way to extend the brand awareness is due to the collaboration of the top influencers in your industry. Top designers and mom bloggers of home improvement Lowe's permission, in order to take over the Instagram account of several days at a time. These influencers, it is possible to be able to share content inspirational, Lowe's was able to take advantage of new audience.

4. Customer resolve the problem.
As a mentioned the full on HubSpot, to offer you the solution, you're in business. You're a number of ways that customers can help to solve the problem, How create content. Comfortably Exclusive offer their lives. Correspondence of listening to them. Or create the app / tool.

As Orca Chevrolet did in Brazil, you will also be able to create a campaign. The company has partnered with a local towing company, and rescue the stranded drivers by arriving at the new Orca. Not only Chevrolet, but not save the day and it also has the opportunity to drive test car driver.

5. The customer is let's interact.
At least no matter how products and services you have to offer to other customers, you want your customers to interact with your company, or. AMC, for example, has created an online tool that has been allowed to you to Madman himself. American Express, with each other through the open forum, and connect the management of small and medium-sized enterprises to useful resources.

6.New channels and platforms experiment.
Please do not hesitate to try the new channels and platforms to promote your brand. Clare McDermott, the owner of the editor chief content officer magazine solo portfolio, as will be pointed out in the content marketing Institute, Four Seasons has introduced a pin. Pack. It will move the program in Pinterest. This, guests can be co-curated the itinerary of customers through a Pinterest board, industry was the first campaign.

7. Takes a bite out of Apple.
It Apple because brands have created all of the generation of life advocates deserve mainly special mention. Did you achieve this and how they are? Do iPod remember when it is introduced? Apple now, iconic strategy, empathy, involved a focus, they will pass if you use the silhouette of people to enjoy the iPod. It might be was not the best of MP3 players, but it has created a brand to recognized that helped dominate the market.

8. Have some fun.
The company, until you release the humorous YouTube video, you will not likely that you have heard of dollar shave club. The company continues to have its way with the shaving industry. Octopus Bell and old Spice are  Other examples of companies that have fun with their marketing campaign. But campaigns do not expect you is in action.

Caterpillar, by having a construction machine of game play 5 cat of Jenga, began the integration of this campaign.

9. Acquisition employees are involved.
Employees and your greatest champion and brand advocates. It's what happened with built-in IT campaign of Caterpillar. Video, tap to them motivation brand loyalty in order to share with friends and family video.

10. Be a little strange.
You do not always need it to play safe. Sometimes, it is considered out of the box, I want a little strange acquisition. For example, Glasgow, in order to help start a new radio station FM 96.3 of Scotland, the station was placed an empty guitar rack in town. Hook? . Each rack, and had to read symbols: Please one free air guitar it is perfectly matched brand it was unique - Do not have to play a little air guitar when you are listening to the radio?.

11. Do not forget the existing customers.
I If your business wants to grow, it will know that it is important to get a new customer. However, please do not forget the customers you already have. Belves Cooper, as was pointed out in the blog of the buffer, you can use the approach of upside-down funnel. This is, that they feel the customer as a member of the exclusive club, they give something special, they can contain it feel like a VIP.

12. Big data will customers to target.

Big data is supporting the retailerstarget specific customer now. Red Roof Inn is using the cancellation flight information to send a message to travelers of single-stranded. Pizza chain uses data to send the coupon to a customer to bad weather or power failure has occurred. In short, big data can be used to predict the buying habits. They can use this information before searching for your product or service, you can get in touch with consumers.

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