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Definition of Marketing

Marketing agencies, and, creating communication, delivery, and process for the exchange of products with value for customers, customers, partners, and society as a whole setting, is an activity.

Management process and through goods and services to move from concept to customer. This is called marketing 4 P's of contains the adjustment of the four elements.

(1) Product

(2) Price

(3) Place

(4) Promotion

New Apple products are developed to include an improved applications and systems, for example, be set to different prices depending on how much capacity the customer desires, It is sold in place where other Apple products are sold. In order to promote the device, the company, was debut featured in the high-tech event, it has been very advertised on the web or on TV.

Marketing is based is to consider the business in terms of the satisfaction and customer needs. Marketing sell concern itself with the tricks and techniques to get people to exchange their cash for your product  (Theodore C. Levitt of marketing at Harvard Business School retired professor of words in), so it is not the same as selling. This is all about the exchange does not matter to that value. And, as there is no marketing immutable, it is not, discover, create, arouse, to display the entire business process as consisting of a tightly integrated effort to meet the needs of the customer. "In other words, marketing is to develop demand for its products, meet the needs of the customer internally, customers have the following to do is to pay for your product.

Many people marketing believe that is just about advertising and sales. However, marketing company to win customers, all to be performed in order to maintain the relationship between them. Golf and prospects, small even task to write a letter of thanks, and call for coffee, quickly and be able to return a meeting with past clients, it can be thought of as marketing. The ultimate goal of marketing, in order to secure it by profitability, for people who want and need them, is to match the company's products and services.

The activities of the companies related products and services to buy and sell. It is, sell, offer products to people, we have advertising. Slogan was used by people who work in the marketing department of the company, package design, by exposure to the celebrity of recommendation and general media and tries to get the subject of attention. Marketing of the 4 "Ps is" product, location, we have price and sales promotion.

Marketing, in promoting the corporate objectives of the company, which provides basically it, has been involved in the outward communication. This, for a company to achieve a more efficient enterprise-wide goal, to one department, is the process of accelerating revenue by aligning the objectives of all communications (advertising, marketing, sales, etc.).

Marketing is the playmaker of the business. Similar to the successful hockey franchise, the player with the most valuable, always score the most goals of the person, the player to create a can you play that scores of other people (Gretzky, thinking Crosby and OR) in the Player There is none. Great marketing team immediately of their team position, it was mapped to the strengths and weaknesses, the position of its competitors, to capture the strengths and weaknesses, the greatest opportunity of scoring salespeople stick Place the pack on, and evaluate the field of brand success.

Creation of the exploration, and sold as a science and art "to deliver value to meet the needs of the target market in the profits. Marketing it will identify the needs and desires that have not been met. This defines the measures to quantify the potential benefits and size of the identified markets. This, it is possible the company to provide the best service, it was designed, segment and accurately shows to promote the right products and services. "

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