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The Marketing Process

The original marketing concept, the company discovered the needs of customers that have not been met, you need to find a way to bring to market products that meet those needs. Process of doing so, can be modeled in a series of steps. are analyzed for the situation to identify opportunities, strategy is formulated for the value proposition, tactical decisions are made, the plan is carried out, the results are monitored.

                                        Marketing Process

Situation Analysis
Marketing Strategy
Marketing Mix Decisions
Implementation & Control

Situation of analysis
thoroughly analyze the found circumstances company itself is the basis for identifying opportunities to meet customer needs unmet. In addition to identifying the needs of customers, companies and unique features, does not it will have to understand the environment running.

Situation analysis, in such a term, you can view the internal analysis of the analysis and enterprise itself of the external environment. External environment, can be explained widely many macro environmental factors that affect the company, and from the point of view of micro-environmental factors closely related to the specific situation of the company.

Situation analysis, past, present, you must include the aspects of the future. This is the situation in order to predict where it's going, you must include an overview history current state, and trends how evolved the analysis of. You can reduce the possibility of years of spending to bring the product to market for good prediction you do not find that only you have the need to exist anymore.

Situation analysis is to clarify the gap between what consumers want, if what you are currently being provided to them, there may be opportunity to introduce a product that satisfies the consumer better things. Therefore, you should obtain an overview of the situation analysis, issues and opportunities. From this overview, the company, customers can match the unique ability to have the opportunity to meet need better than the competition.
There are some of the framework that can be used to add structure to the situation analysis.

• analysis of 5 - companies, customers, competitors, co-workers, climate. The Company represents the internal situation, the side surface of the other four cover of external circumstances
• PEST analysis - macro environment, politics, economy, society, because of the factors of technology. PEST analysis can be used as a "climate" portion of the 5 C framework.

• SWOT analysis-strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats internal and external circumstances. SWOT analysis is to condense the situation analysis list of the most relevant problems and opportunities, the company can be used to assess how much is equipped to deal with them.

II. Marketing strategy
The best opportunity is identified to meet the needs of customers are not satisfied, it is possible to develop a strategic plan to seek opportunities. Select a market research target market segments, it provides a specific market information that enables the company to place an offer in optimum that segment. As a result, it is the value proposition to the target market. Marketing strategy is included then.
• segmentation
• targeting (selection of the target market)
• Place the product in the target market
• value proposition to the target market
III. Determination of marketing mix
Determination of the detailed tactics, then, have been made for the controllable parameters of the marketing mix. Action items include:
• product development -, particular design, it will produce the first unit of the product.
• pricing
• distribution contract
• Development of the campaign
IV. Implementation and management
At this point in the process, the marketing plan is developed, the product is being released. Considering that some of the environment is static, the result of marketing activities, must be closely monitored. As changes in the market, it can be adjusted to adapt to changes in the marketing mix. Often, small changes in consumers, we hope can be addressed by changing the advertising messages. When the change becomes more pronounced, redesign or a completely new product of the products obtained is necessary with. Marketing process does not end with implementation - are required in order to consistently have continuous monitoring and adaptation to meet the needs of long-term customers.
Process, the customer is using the purchase and / or your product or service, refers to the procedures and processes that have been developed in order to ensure to have the experience that remains in positive and memories.
What is the process?
The process, in a profitable manner in the right place at the right time, an amount of the right, the purpose of the central marketing to obtain the right product, in order to ensure that it actually occurs planning, development, implementation, and has to do with the document, and a review of systems and procedures.
In the work of you a day to all of process flows directly to use in your day will affect your customer experience. It is about making sure that the things all of the following occurs.
And selling products when:
Product we have been purchased in the manufacture or time
We will realize the quality and performance level the product is required
Yes enough stock on hand to meet customer demand
The products will reach customers in a timely manner
Products with good conditions, it reaches the customer
Paperwork is located in the accurate and timely

When marketing services:
The staff, when, where available in order to perform the services required
Staff, provide services to the level of performance required
It is available for sufficient staff to perform the services
Important elements of the process
Old adage is always true ring - "if you fail to plan, plan that you will fail." a successful outcome does not occur by chance - it is after you sure that you know what all is you need, it is about what you put a plan in place to make sure that you can deliver what you need.
To achieve a successful marketing of the results, you need an effective marketing plan that contains the strategy, tactics and activities to satisfy the needs and desires of the market.
System and procedures
Well developed system and procedure provides a framework on which it can be distributed by constructing a positive customer experience.
System and procedures, ultimately efficiency the profitability of your business, cost-effectiveness, consistency, will contribute to the minimization of risk.
Accurate, and accessible, accountability of the manual is the core of the success of any business. Document, information that provides the information, is the force fuel your business.

To effectively manage, in order to carry out the right of decision-making have the appropriate information at your disposal, all aspects of your business that comes the information from the document is to focus on profitable customer satisfaction The hit in order to ensure that, to ensure that it is available when needed for right people.
Quality control
You probably - I heard the saying "garbage in garbage out". The result of the process in developing the process, because it is as good as the input, this is most applicable.

It has a high quality of processes in your business, it is important to make sure that it is consistent. Poor quality and inconsistent process is always sub-standard service, potentially costly error, it will be the customers of the loss or damaged goodwill.
Good quality management, good systems and procedures, by effective documentation and all sections of your business comes from the commitment to continuous improvement.
Feedback and reviews
Process to process, time, is a waste of resources and money. The bottom line is this: Is "I am is my business to achieve the goals you have set for it, as the owner of the business, I will achieve my personal goals ? "

Dollars and cents, but will provide a short-term answer to certainly this question, you will continue to customers, suppliers, honesty from staff and other stakeholders, to obtain the objective feedback, appropriate a case, when carrying out the necessary changes are more for long term and handles only your back to track would know this in order to put your business.

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