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The Marketplace and Customer Needs

This is, marketers, need to understand the needs of the customer, then, it means that you want you can make the first customer satisfaction combination products, services, information and experience death.

When the marketer to fully understand the consumer market by creating a customer value they have excellent, attracting to find the target client, maintain, and design a growing marketing strategies are implemented, can communicate You.
In order to provide value to customers, companies need to use tools to face and excellent value. Therefore, companies need for (goods or services) - must be created to provide a market that satisfies the need to determine how much is charged for recruitment (price), provides what it is like to communicate with target customers for, (announces its value promotion), and finally, it will need to be able to use the product to target consumers (location).

iPad is a tablet device that has several functions. It has an LED touch screen interface and looks like a large iPhone or iPod touch. It is also, it will have a very thin, 10 hours of battery life. This product, Internet tilting the surfing ear, buy music, video, and look at the pictures of view, read the e-mail, read e-books, it has the ability to perform the purchase and multiple applications. In fact, it will be fully compatible with the available multiple applications of iPad for the iPhone! There are iPad different version in equipped with launch another hard drive capacity and 3G functionality. 16 gigabytes, 32 gigabytes, and 64 gigabytes and the variant. Also, all of the iPad offers Wi-Fi, wireless -n would be possible. iPad is also, and will feature the latest Bluetooth profile, and has an on-screen keyboard for input. Function of the app is very useful, the customer in a convenient feeling, it also can meet the young people of Requirements: fashion, technology.


iPad, you can be purchased in more than one price. 3 g base model that does not have a function of (16 gigabytes) is the cheapest at $ 499 32 gigabytes for $ 599, and 64 gigabytes will retail for $ 699. The customer, if it wants a 3G function, they need to pay additional $ 130 on top of the base price. Consumers also have the option to sign up to it [without connecting Wi-Fi, it is possible to have them virtually anywhere in the region with access to the Internet, data plan of AT & T. Data plan, there is a double structure: the customer has a choice between the $ 29.99 / month for the $ 14.99 / month and unlimited access for 250 megabytes. Data plan, consumers will be able to access the hot spot of the various AT & T for free. Unlike the iPhone, the customer is not bound by the obligations under the multi-year contract, it will be able to terminate them at any time. As discounts go as far as, Apple, however high, it is known to charge a premium price. They usually have certain products off $ 100 provided to the students of the university. They will also make a special bundle to buy a particular product to the different times this year.

iPad is sold in places where other Apple most likely have been sold. To purchase this product, some of the retail store that carries a wide range of Apple products should not be difficult. US These products are sold, those of 284, there is a whole multiple of the Apple store. Customers can order the products online on the Apple Web site. One of Best Buy, Apple partners, also, sells Apple products, also in the United States has a large retail footprint. Amazon, one of the largest online retailer, also, we will carry Apple products. iPad, the first availability, depending on consumer demand, such as the lack of iPhone in the first time of release, but may be lower, it will not be for another two months. Apple must generate enough to meet the market when measured consumer demand.


For example, I bought a MacBook Pro during the summer, they are because I was a college student, I had a promotion that gave the discount of free iPod and free printer plus $ 100. They made the same promotion in the same way the past two years.

Like most people, I know the importance of understanding the market and customers. I think that it's part of the work of the department and retailers of site survey of consumer and market knowledge in manufacturing. I in the past four years, but we are working in fields related to the market and consumers, I need to learn still about the completely basic definition of the concept of the core market.
"Marketing is, as the first step in the marketing process, is about creating value for all customers. Therefore, the company will need to understand and completely consumer, a market in which it operates."

So, we need to consider the concept of a core customer and market.
 wants need, and request

"Human needs is a state of felt deprivation."
According to the Maslow's_hierarchy_of_needs, human needs, physiological needs, safety, love / belonging, self-esteem, self actualization.We is basic for the air, water, food, clothing, warmth, and safety We have the physical needs will be included, but. Social needs for the belongings and affection. Individual needs for knowledge and self-expression. In the market,

"Marketers will not be able to create these needs. They are a fundamental part of the human makeup."
"Hope is in, but they will take the needs of the human form that has been shaped by culture and personality."
"When it was backed by purchasing power, human beings want to become a demand." 

Demand comes from desire when you buy something in terms of our purchasing power in the market.
For example, "Suppose you need food and water for one person to survive in the world. American Big Mac, fries, and we hope to have a bottle of Kokokora. China, noodles and rice, stir-fried vegetables, meat, we hope to have a hot tea. and "hope is in, but it has been shaped by their society, has been described in terms of objects that satisfy those needs."

However, the Company of the limited purchasing power in society and the market In view of the, we take the balance of our desire and resources. Finally, we in the conditions of limited resources, we will understand that you are looking for products that are satisfied with the most value.
Not only marketers, there is not only the people of all levels - including the top management --- to learn about, it is necessary to understand the needs of the customer, Thailand, and the request. They stay close to the customer, read the comments from our customers, and even to build a personal connection with customers and employees, in order to obtain an insight into what can be done to meet your needs , and wants are, and customer requirements.

2) market of the product (product, service, and experience)

"Market of products, you can either meet the need, is some combination of product, service, information or experience, to provide ahead of the market." 

It wants the wide needs of the consumer, but you can meet from physical products to intangible services through all kinds of market products.
Now, more and more marketers, have realized the importance of the consumer brand experience. Pay more attention to a particular product by income and experience that are generated by these products, marketers and sellers, it suffers easily to marketing myopia. They focus only on existing desire, it has obsessed so with their products to lose sight of the customer real needs of the underlying.

"Marketing myopia, the company pay more attention to the particular product that offers than the benefits and experience that are generated by these products is a mistake." 
Although we always need something or oven bake bread, we are now, it is really user-friendly, want inexpensive oven that can be placed in our kitchen in the energy-saving, and limited room. We do not like the gas that is used several decades ago is a large oven and fuel.
"Smart marketers, to see beyond the products and services of the attributes that they sell. By organizing some of the services and products, they create a brand experience for the consumer. For example, HP recognizes that the personal computer is just much more than collecting and electrical components of the electric wire. It is intensely personal user experience. "
3)The value of and satisfaction.
"We realize and provide a variety of markets, purchased from expectations about the value and satisfaction to buy accordingly customer. Customer satisfaction again, customers of. Complaints to tell other people about their good experience, In many cases, switch to competitors, and then blame the product to other people.
Marketers, you must be careful to set the appropriate level of expectation. If they set expectations too low, but they satisfy the buyer, it may fail to attract enough buyers. If they were set too high expectations, the buyer, will be disappointed. Satisfaction and customer value will develop a relationship with the customer, an important building block to manage. "

4) the relationship between the exchange
"Marketing, which can occur when people have decided to meet the needs, we want not through the exchange relationship .Exchange is to provide something in return, is the act to get the desired object from someone."

"Marketers, orchestra wants the audience, the church wants to membership, political candidates, for example, we would like to vote. Response, than simply to buy the R transaction products and services , may be more. Some of the trying to bring a response to the offer of the market, wants to accept the idea of ​​social contribution activities group. marketing, product, service, idea or other of the object, and building a desired exchange relationship with the subject, including, and consists of actions taken to maintain. Beyond, just to attract new consumers to create a transaction, companies to retain customers, the business that I want to grow.

"Marketers by providing customers excellent value consistently, we want to build a strong relationship. "

5) Market
"The market is a set of all actual and potential buyers of products and services. Buyers, and or share a specific need, it is you want to you can be met through the exchange relationship."

Response to the provision of some of the market of exchange and the market people.
"Marketing also refers .... seller management market in order to bring the relationship between the profitable clients, locate the buyer, to identify their needs, and to design a good market of products, and for them Set the price, to promote the offer, and provides store and products. activities such as such consumer research, product development, communication, distribution, pricing, and service is the core marketing activities. "

In addition to seller's market, there is a consumer market for buyers for carrying out the marketing. Buyers and consumers, either convey find the product and to obtain information, in order to perform their purchases, interact with companies or other consumers and buyers.
Web site and in from the online social network to the mobile phone

 "In fact, today's digital technology, consumers are empowered, it has been truly selling interactive affair. Thus, in addition to customer relationship management, today of the marketers, must be effectively addressed the relationship between the customer management. "
Success in building a highly corporate and customer profitability related to the entire marketing system is well, it will depend on whether it can meet the needs of the final consumer. The entire marketing system, suppliers, and includes the companies and their competitors, marketing intermediaries, and consumers were affected

"Major environmental force and more (, demographic, economic, natural, technological, political, and cultural / social) in."

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